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This webpage is mine and therefore it is here what i want. But I hope something of that can be useful for you too.

Because I like project FlightGear, you can find here things I developed and are related to it.

FlightGear promo

I recommend you to have a look on new (and still under development) application for flight controllers in multiplayer mode ATCRadar. This application is here for free download including source codes and it was tested under Linux (Fedora 12 and 14) and Windows XP operating systems.

And don't miss the model of almost legendary czechoslovak aircraft Turbolet L410 from Kunovice. At this moment it is unfortunately not compatible with last FlightGear release, but we work on it (slowly, but we do...)

Radar atc promo

And as the last thing you can find here some reports from puzzle hunts I attended. Just because I like it.